The Higher and Technical Institute Mizoram is a new and the first Christian College in Mizoram established on June 2007 to respond the challenges mentioned below:

Challenges: The tribal in the North Eastern India are confronted with the following challenges:

  • The traditional jhum cultivation “slash and burning the forest” is no longer sustainable; this method of farming is economically not viable and ecologically destructive.
  • The traditional- literary education from the time of missionaries has not been improved, now quality of education has gone down although universalization of primary education is achieved. The existing education system does not provide the required knowledge and skill neither to get job nor to start any project to generate income.
  • Only a few families, the cream of society, could afford to send their children for higher studies outside of Mizoram. Most of the students who have gone for higher and technical education outside of  Mizoram do not get admission in the first grade institutions. This drains out so much of resources from Mizoram without much success.
  • Increasingly the higher education is becoming secular and materialistic in its value which infuses doubt about Christian faith in the minds of students, that is the root cause of rampant corruption in the Government in particular and in society in general. As it was in the West, this will eventually empty the church.

t is a pity that while most of the best Colleges in India happen to be the Christian colleges, there is not a single Christian college in the State of Mizoram  which is known as a Christian state

VISION: Having being confronted with the challenges mentioned above, the Baptist Church of Mizoram has a vision to establish a “Christian University” which shall be based on Christian value to mould the life of educated young people and provide a relevant and quality education.

MISSION STATEMENT: The Higher and Technical Institute of Mizoram is established with a mission to provide a relevant and quality education based on Christian values that young people shall be equipped with required knowledge and skill to become competent, responsible and committed citizens to be faithful witnesses of  the Lord in the church, society and in the building of our nation.

STRUCTURE AND COURSES: To meet the need of the people and to become relevant, there shall be two streams of learning- (a) the Academic Program which consists of the Graduate and Post Graduate level of academic study and (b) the Skill Training Program to offer various trades.

Academic Programs: Higher level of education in which Technical, Science, Management, Commerce & Finance and Art for under graduate and post-graduate courses shall be offered. To begin with the following course are being offered:

  1. Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA),
  2. Bachelor of Commerce Honour (B.Com),
  3. Bachelor of Arts in Languages (B.A)
  4. Coaching classes for various exams for admission and job

Skill Training Programs: Skill Training Program shall be for the poor, unemployed youth, rural people who could not afford higher education and also for those interested in skill training as in the following diploma/certificate courses:

  1. Agriculture (Slopping Agriculture Land Technology)
  2. Horticulture
  3. Tailoring
  4. Carpentry
  5. Electrical engineering
  6. Computer
  7. Mechanical engineering
  8. Electronics
  9. Plumbing
  10. Bamboo processing
  11. Leather processing
  12. Secretarial training.
  13. There shall be two Principals– one for the Higher Education and another one for the Skill Training under the Director of Education..

KEY RESULT AREAS: The following results are expected:-

  1. Graduates of HATIM shall be highly qualified for jobs, further study and leadership in the society
  2. Skilled persons shall be trained who eventually shall be the main instrument for the development of  Mizoram.
  3. Many unemployed youth shall get jobs in various sectors within and outside of Mizoram
  4. Many shall start their own income generating projects to sustain themselves, even generate employment for others.
  5. Many graduates shall become responsible, competent and committed to their faith and work, and become faithful witness of Christ.
  6. It shall be a program of evangelization of the future generation.
  7. This initiative shall have a long lasting impact in the life of Mizo community.
  8. Graduates shall be equipped with necessary skill in language to work effectively everywhere in India and abroad. For this, English is used as the medium of instruction and a special class is arranged for teaching spoken Hindi. Both Hindi and English are used for the means of communication in the campus.

THE INFRASTRUCTURE: The College is a Residential institution as yet ,and the building is located at the southern part of Lunglei town in Chanmari-III near Falkawn. The classrooms, auditorium, offices, ladies’ residences and other quarters are inside the college premises. It also has a Men’s Residence within a walking distance in Ramthar, Lunglei near AOC in a rented building.

THE SUPPORT:  The Baptist Church of  Mizoram sponsors the Institute. It is not at all easy for the Baptist Church alone to meet the financial requirement for salary, infrastructure development, laboratory, equipments, machinery and library. For this reason we seek help from well wishers, friends and Agencies in India and abroad. However, reasonable fees shall be collected from students. When the Institution is established and maintained properly, some financial aids from Government of Mizoram and University Grant Commission of India is also expected. Then it shall be self sufficient within 10 years of its establishment. To come up to that stage, we are struggling and seek help from agencies and well wishers in and outside of India.

ACTIVITIES: The Higher and Technical Institute Mizoram is not an institution where only the academic subjects  are learned; it also incorporates various co- curricular activities. The students are led through various leadership trainings and personality and talents development activities with a view to enabling them to be competent enough in any kind of job or ministry in any part of the world.  The College has initiated a lively and thrilling worship service for the whole town of Lunglei on the 17th August, 2008 in the College campus. It is now conducted every Sunday afternoon. The students and the staff here introduce a kind of Praise and Worship that really moulds and nourishes the spiritual life of the Mizo young people.

THE TASK AHEAD OF US: Some of the specific task a head of us within five years are:

Development of the new campus which involves:

      1. Development of land
      2. Construction of main building, Hostels, Staff quarters
      3. Water Supply
      4. Construction of internal roads

Development of laboratory for BCA and Science which involves

      1.       20 computers
      2.        Equipments for laboratory

Equipment and Machinery for Skill training of various trades

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