Mission Statement:
The Baptist Church of Mizoram declares its mission through its constitution that the BCM is established to be the sign, symbol, and instrument of the Kingdom of God. It shall strive for the firm establishment, realisation, and extension of the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God it envisages is the Kingdom where God reigns, God’s will is done and where God’s name is praised.
The Objectives of the Church:
The methods and means used for the fulfillment of its mission may deferred from time to time and place to place, at present, the following aims and objectives are identified:
  • To minister, administer and plan the Baptist Churches.
  • To promote the spirit of ecumenism and work cooperatively together with other Denominations, Mission Agencies, Non-Government Organizations and Government for the realization of the Kingdom of God.
  • To profess and proclaim the Gospel of Christ in obedient to the Great Commission of God.
  • To establish and maintain educational institutions for training men and women to be responsible, competent, dedicated and mature persons for the Church and Society.
  • To build a harmonious, peaceful, progressive and sustainable society, and promote justice and freedom and defend human rights (fundamental rights).
  • To demonstrate God’s love in action among the poor, orphans, marginalized, oppressed people and do necessary relief work when and wherever it is necessary.
  • To educate public, it shall publish and provide literature and make use modern information technology.
  • To continue the healing ministry of Jesus Christ, it shall work for the improvement of health and quality of human lives by establishing and maintaining hospitals, clinics and conducting community health programme.
  • To make its own Rules and Regulations (Bylaws) for the proper functioning of the Society.
  • To generate fund from free will contribution of its members and other organizations and individuals who are interested in the objectives and projects of the Baptist Church of Mizoram.
  • To invest, take and give loan as need arises, not for profit but to empower churches and organizations to their mission.
  • To procure moveable and immovable properties for the Society.


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