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Weekend Programme

Social Concern Awareness Seminar:

BCM Social Concern Committee chuan March 15-16, 2014 hian Hnahthial North pastor bial huapin Social Convern Awareness Seminar, Bazar Biak inah an nei dawn a. Headquarters atangin AGS Service, Rev. Lalbiaksanga Chinzah hovin Rev. Sangliankhuma Chinzah, Upa M. Thansiama, Electric veng,Lunglei leh Upa KMS.Dawngliana, Editor ten an hmanpui ang. Pathianni-ah bial chhung Biak in hrang hrangah rawngbawlna an nei ang. Continue reading Weekend Programme

Assembly Rorel zo ta – Budget Nuai 5597

Assembly BannerMizoram Baptist Kohhran Assembly 2014, March 5-9 chu Serkawn-ah neih mek a ni a. Assembly rorel – March ni 6 atanga neih tan chu vawiin March 8, 2014 (Inrinni) tlai dar 4:40 khan zo felin an rorel langsar zingah – Arakan Mission/ Rakhine Mission  Field hawn  te, Jharkhan Field hawn te, Pay Commission 2013 pawm leh 2014-2015 BCM Budget Rs. 559,725,300.00 passed te a ni. Vawiin-a an rorel thu passed hengte hi an ni:- Continue reading Assembly Rorel zo ta – Budget Nuai 5597

Minister 6 Ordain dawn

Serkawn: March 7, 2014: Mizoram Baptist Kohhran Rorelna sang ber – BCM Assembly vawi 118-na leh Assembly kum 100-na ni bawk chu Serkawn-ah neih mek a ni a. Vawiin leh naktuk (Inrinni)ah te Assembly rorel hi la chhunzawm tur a ni ang a, zan lamah Vantlang inkhawm neih chhunzawm zel a ni ang. Pathianni chawhma inkhawm hi Ordination Service atan hman a ni ang a. Hetah hian Pro.Pastor kum thum lo thawk tawh leh

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Pro.Pastor Exam kumthum chhung paltlang tawh mi 5 bakah Kennya rama kan thawktu Rev. VL Buatsaiha te Ordain an ni dawn a ni. Continue reading Minister 6 Ordain dawn