Baptist Literature Service

History of the Literature Department :
It was the missionaries who developed Mizo literature. In the earlier times there was no written literature in Mizo. The missionaries introduced the Mizo alphabet using the Roman script and from them we learned the art of writing and developed a literature of our own. The first missionaries F.W. Savidge and J.H. Lorrain were both accomplished litterateurs. Rev. Chuautera and Rev. Challiana who had a keen interest in literature assisted them. With limited time and resources, they produced a good number of useful literature works both for the Church and society.
One of the most important tools for the development and production of literature is the Printing Press. The establishment of Mission Printing Press in the south could be traced back to 1938, when a friend of Rev. F.J. Raper, Mr. Sadler, donated a Treadle printing Press to the Mission. Then a few years later, a friend of Rev. H.W. Carter also donated a Hand Press. With these two presses, the mission started producing Christian Literatures. For the distribution of the works, a Bookroom service was established. The political insurgency of 1966 crippled the work of the press and bookroom and took many years to recover. From 1995 the Assembly put the Literature under the Communications Department.
Literature: By far one of the most significant contributions made by the BCM was in the field of literature. As mentioned earlier, it was Savidge and Lorrain who reduced the Mizo language into writing. The Lusahi – English Dictionary of Lorrain is regarded as the best dictionary of tribal languages in South East Asia to this day. This contribution was especially crucial to the historical context in which it was done for the policy of the British Administrators was to introduce Bengali as court language in the whole of North East India. At that juncture the missionaries who came to Mizoram developed the Mizo Literature. Was that not done the history of Mizo people could be quite different. In continuation of that tradition, the Department of Baptist Literature Service continues to provide various types of literature to the people. Having its Head Office at Serkawn, the Literature Service Department has branches at Lunglei, Lawngtlai, Hnahthial, Saiha, and Aizawl which are the distributing centres.

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