Assembly 2017-in Chanchin Tha thlen kum 125-na lawm dan tur ruahmanna a pawm (Vide – Assembly 2017 Minute page 65&66)angin¬† hemi lawmna turin ”Mizoram Gospel Centenary 125-na Quasquicentenial lawm nan hian kum 2018 Missionary Day zing thawhlawm lakkhawm ni se, Headquarters-ah thehluh ni se”¬†tih a nih angin Tualchhung Kohhran, hemi lawmna inkhawm nei apiangin Thawhlawm lakhawmin, Bial kal tlangin Special Day/Designated Fund-ah thehluh dan pangngaiin Headquarters-ah thehlut turin kan in ngen e.

No. BCM/CEN-8/ADM/Order&Cir/2018/1/334


Sd/-F. Ramdinmawia
General Secretary
Baptist Church of Mizoram

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