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Baptist Higher Secondary School (BHSS), located at the foothill of a beautiful hillock called Serkawn, within the town of Lunglei, in south Mizoram, formerly known as Christian High School was started on 8th February, 1961 as an extension of the famous Mission School started in 1903 at Serkawn in south Mizoram. 3 out of 5 Chief Ministers of Mizoram, namely, Ch.Chhunga, Brig.T.Sailo and Laldenga were the products of this Mission School. Prominent citizens like Major R.K.Hranga, the first commissioned officer among the Mizos, Ch.Saprawnga, the distinguished political leader, the pioneer Administrators in Civil Services like C.L.Rema and P.Rohmingthanga, outstanding politician like Dr.C.Silvera, the first and only Cabinet Minister at Central Government among the Mizos, etc. hailed from this Mission School.

The spirit of this Mission School is maintained and kept alive at BHSS and many outstanding personalities throughout the country had come out from this prestigious school including Dr.R.Lalthangliana, Minister of Education and Environment & Forests, Z.H.Ropuia, Minister of Sports & Youth Services, Government of Mizoram, P.C.Lawmsanga IPS, the present IGP in Tamil Nadu, Rev.Dr.K.Thanzauva, a world known figure in theological world, the present leader of the Baptist Church of Mizoram, etc.

The school is known for the strict discipline inculcated in the students, its priority for spiritual and moral development and co-curricular activities experienced by the

BHSS Science Block
BHSS Science Block

Students throughout the year. It is said that students educated in this school are known for their moral integrity, intellectual competency and leadership qualities. With the enrolment of around 1400 students from Nursery to Class XII, divided into two sections and both the sections under the care of one Vice Principal respectively  — the Junior Section (Nursery to Class VII) and Senior Section (Class VIII to XII),  it is one of the biggest schools in Mizoram.

BHSS Hostel
BHSS Hostel

The school has three hostels, one for Junior section, the Girls’ hostel and one for the boys. The over all administration is run by the Principal with the help of the two Vice Principals. The over all strength of the staff is around 80 in number. True to its motto ‘The Utmost for the Highest’, BHSS occupies a central place in the field of Education in Mizoram and it keeps its standard of being the Pace Setter in the transformation and reformation of Mizo Society academically, intellectually, morally and spiritually.

The late Principal boldly remarks: ‘As long as there is B.H.S.S., Mizo Society has hopes to go on in pursuance of its dreams.”

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