Christian Education Department

History of Sunday School:
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Sunday School is an integral part of the Church. In the beginning Lorrain took care of the Sunday School. He was enthusiastic and under his leadership, the Sunday School flourished. After him, Ms. Chapman (Pi Zirtiri) was in charge of the institution. When the BCM had its own Church Secretary, he looked after the Sunday School directly. With regards to this institution, there has not been much change since the integration of Church and Mission, except that at the Assembly level, the Department is now called Christian Education Department.
Sunday School ministry has been the back borne of the church, for 60% of the church members are attending Sunday School. Its main activity today is confined to the teaching and training people by imparting basic Bible knowledge and about Christian faith. The plan of the department is to write the Sunday school text books relevant to the Mizo context.


1. No. of Local Churches with Sunday School 429
2. No. of Sunday School Teachers 10198
3. No. of Sunday School Officials 2141
4. No. of Sunday School Learners 83379
5. Total No. of Sunday School attendants 93665
6. Percentage of Sunday School Attendants 77.07%


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