Theological Education

Theological Training :
For a long time Sunday School was the only means of theological studies for layman. However, the year 1946 was the Golden Jubilee year of the BCM, and by this time the need to establish a lay theological training centre was felt by the church. So, with the offerings from the Jubilee celebration, a Bible School was established in 1946. The main purpose of this school was to train lay leaders of the Church. From 1947 to 1949, it was used for Pastoral training as well. In 1990, this Jubilee Bible School was upgraded to Missionary Training Institute that was later upgraded to a full-fledged Theological College offering the course of B.D. and M.A. (Missiology) studies and is named the “Academy of Integrated Christian Studies” in 2001.
As a mark of the Golden Jubilee of the Baptist Church of Mizoram, the Jubilee Bible School was established in 1946. The school met the need of the time and had 811 alumni who became leaders of the Church and society. As a result of missionary movement in the 1960s, a shift of emphasis from self-supporting to outreach mission took place and eventually the BCM has become a missionary church sending out a large number of missionaries. In response to this missionary movement, the Jubilee Bible School was upgraded to the Missionary Training Institute in 1991. The MTI has trained 200 people working in various parts of India as missionaries, evangelists, teachers, and church leaders. As the BCM grows both quantitatively and qualitatively, the need for more qualified pastors is increasing. Candidates for pastoral ministry have been sent t various theological colleges in India viz. Cherrapunji in Meghalaya, Serampore College, Eastern Theological College in Jorhat, Assam, Union Biblical Seminary in Pune, United Theological College in Bangalore, Leonard Theological College in Jabalpur, etc.
After a debate for 10 years if a theological college is to be established on our own, in the year 1998 the Annual Assembly resolved to do so and the year following the name Academy of Integrated Christian Studies was born. This name is indeed appropriate to reflect the vision and mission of the Institution. It has a humble beginning in a rented house in Luangmual, Aizawl. The ground breaking ceremony of the new theological college took place on 19th April 2000. We thank God that we could shift to the new site after two years since the ground breaking ceremony. Within these two years of infrastructure development, we have seen the wonderful works of God. We have been experiencing the miraculous works of God in the way the AICS was recognised by the Senate of Serampore College, the way we received fund, the way we received power supply, the way we found the stone quarry in the campus itself and the way we received the support of local churches. We cannot but repeat “This is the Lord’s doing, it is wonderful in our eyes”.

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