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#General Secretary-in Bhutanah Building hawng

Mizoram Baptist Kohhran Mission Field,  Bhutan, Jaigaon ah BCM Building sak thar, Missiosnary quarters tur leh kohhran ho inkhawm na tur hall chu BCM General Secretary  Rev. F. Ramdinmawia’n vawiin October 20,2017, chawhma lam khan Pathian hnenah hlanin a hawng. Continue reading

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Kum chanve Target Nuai 37.16 in khum

finance-picMizoram, Baptist Kohhran, Finance Department-in, kum 2017-2018 Half Year Statement-a a tarlan danin April – September, 2017 chhung atana Pastor Bial hrang hrang target chhunluh atangin Target pumpui Rs. 500,121,000.00 (Nuai 5001.21) ah Rs. 253,776,497.00 (Nuai 2537.49) hmuin 50.74 % a dawng a. Kum chanve chhung atana Target hmuh tura beisei Rs. 250,060,500.00  (Nuai 2500.60) a ni. Tihian kum chanve chhung atana target khumna hi Rs. 3,715,997.00 a ni.

Kumin Kum chanve (April-September) chhunga BCm Target luh dan tlangpui hetiang hi a ni:Continue reading

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ABC Inkhawmpui – karleh-ah

Mizoram Baptist Kohhran – Area Baptist Council (ABC) Rorel Inkhawmpui chu October 27-29, 2017 chhung hian neih a ni dawn ta a. He Inkhawmpui hi ABC 14-ah a rualin neih a ni ang. October 27, Zirtawp zan atangin Inkhawmpui hi tan a ni ang a, vantlang Inkhawm atan hman a ni ang. Inrinni nilengin ABC Rorelna neih a ni ang a, hetah hian Pastor Bial  agenda, ABC kal tlanga Assembly 2018-a thlen tura chhawpchhuah te ngaihtuah a ni ang. Inrinni zan-ah vantlang inkhawm a awm leh ang.Continue reading

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Hospital Report September 2017

Christian Hospital, Serkawn

Medical Superintendent, Christian Hospital Serkawn hnen atanga kan dawn danin Christian Hospital Serkawn-ah September 2017 chhung khan OPD-ah mi 2291 inentir awmin an zinga 345 admit an ni a, nau piang 53 an awm laiin, mitthi 12 an nei thung. Report kimchang hetiang hi a ni:-

Continue reading

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Shillong-ah Inremna ruai

Shillong Kohhran 2 hruaitute inremna ziak

October 14 & 15, 2017 (Inrinni leh Pathianni) hian Shillong Mizo Baptist Kohhran(BCM) leh Shillong Mizo Kohhran (PCI) te chuan “Amah chu kan inremna a ni”(Eph 2:14)  tih thupui hmangin Inremna Inkhawm an buatsaih dawn a. He Progamme hi Mizo Baptist Kohhran leh Mizo Kohhran Joint Committee buatsaih a niin, Shillong Mizo Kohhran Biak-inah hman a ni ang. Inrinni tlaiah Inremna ruai an kilho ang.Continue reading

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