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R&D-in Food Processing Training pe.

Food Process Training @ Bualte

April 17-18, 2018 khan  Mizoram baptist Kohhran Relief & Development Department bultumin  Bualte, Lunglei Dist. ah TKP Bualte leh Thaizawl, Self help group member te pualin Food Processing & Preparation Training neih a ni a.Continue reading

Mission Field Director Tirchhuak dawn

Rev R Lalremruata

Mizoram Baptist Kohhran chuan Mission Field Director atana Post Rev. R. Lalremruata-te chhungkua chu  Tunkar Pathianni, April 22, chawhma dar 10:00 hian Mizoram Baptist Kohhran Biak In, Bethlehem, Aizawl-ah a tirchhuak dawn ta.   Tirhchhuah inkhawm hi Rev. B. Lalrinawma, Mission Coordinator-in a kaihruai ang a, BCM President, Rev.Lalbiaksanga Chinzah-in tirchhuakin,  Rev.Dr.K.Lalrinthanga, executive Secretary, Aizawl-in thuchah a sawi ang.Continue reading

AICS Valedictory Service 2018

    [Library Picture : 2017 BD Graduates]

Academy of Integrated Christian Studies (AICS) chuan April 20, 2018, (Zirtawpni) hian Zirlai zirzo te tirhchhuahna leh thlahna inkhawm vawi 16-na (16th Valedictory Service) Pastor Thanzinga Chapel, AICS-ah an hmang dawn a. Inkhawm hi Principal Rev. Dr. R. Zolawma, Principal, AICS-in kaihruaiin, zirlai kal chhuakte puala thuchah (Valedictory Address)Rev. Dr. Limatula Longkumer (Dean, Research and SATHRI, Senate of Serampore) in a nei ang a, BCM aiawhin  Rev. Dr. C. Vanlaldika, AGS i/c Mission-in thu a sawi bawk ang.Continue reading

BCM hotute Programme

General Secretary Programme:

Mizoram Baptist Kohhran General Secretary Rev. F. Ramdinmawia chuan tun hnaiah programme hrang hrang a nei a, Vawiin, April 19, 2018 hian AICS Valedictory Secrvice hmanpui turin Headquarters a chhuahsan a. Naktuk April 20-ah AICS Valedictory Service-ah a tel ang a, Inrinni-ah a lo let leh ang. Continue reading

KNP Platinum Jubilee

Jubilee Balloon 75 KNP Promoter-in a chhuah

Karleh Thawhtanni, April 23, 2018 hi Kristian Naupang Pawl (KNP) Din champhaphak (KNP Day) vawi 75-na (Platinum Jubilee) a ni a. Kumin KNP Day thupui atan “Isuan Naupangte a hmangaih” (Marka 10:14) tih thu hman a ni ang.  Continue reading

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The Baptist Church of Mizoram declares its mission through its constitution that the BCM is established to be the sign, symbol, and instrument of the Kingdom of God. It shall strive for the firm establishment, realization, and extension of the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God it envisages is the Kingdom where God reigns, God’s will is done and where God’s name is praised.