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Medical & Health Department Meeeting

Medical & Health Department Committee Meeting

Vawiin, October 18, 2019 khan BCM Committee room, Serkawnah Medical and Health Department Committee Meeting  neih a ni a. Meeting hi Rev. R. Lalbiakliana, AGS i/c Service-in kaihruaiin Medical Superintendent Upa Dr. Lalramzaua’n report tlangpui a pe.Continue reading

NEICC Day of Prayer-October 20

Tunkar Patianni(October 20,2019) hi NEICC Tawngtai Ni (NEICC Day of Prayer) a ni a. He Ni hi North East India Christian Council zawmtu Kohhran hrang hrang ten an hmang ang. NEICC Headquarters Shillong atanga ruahman angin Kohhran pawl hrang hrangah rawng inbawltawn a ni dawn a ni. Kumin NEICC Day of Prayer thupui chu “An zaa pumkhat an nihna tûrin (Johana 17:20-21). tih a ni ang.Continue reading

BCM Communications Department Orientation

October 17 & 18, 2019 hian Mizoram Baptist Kohhran Communications Department hnuaia Audio Visual lama thawkthute chuan Sap Upa leh Pu Buanga Hall, Serkawn-ah Orientation an nei. He hun hi Pu C.Lalhmachhuana, BCM AV Manager-in a kaihruai. Continue reading

BCM Charity fund atangin cheng nuai khat sem remti

BCM R&D Committee  Meeting

Nimin, October 6,2019 chawhma dar 11:00 khan BCM Committee Room, BCM Hqrs. Office, Serkawn-ah Mizoram Baptist Kohhran, Relief and Development Department Committee Meeting neih a ni a, Meeting hi Committee Chairman, Rev. R. Lalbiakliana, AGS i/c Service-in a kaihruai a, Pu Lalrinawma, Director, R&D-in report tlangpui a pe bawk.Continue reading

Rev. Dr. H. Lalthlamuana Associate Professor-ah hlangkai

October 15,2019 (Thawhlehni) khan Mizoram Baptist Kohhran, Board of Theological Education Committee Meeting Rev. R. Zopianga Meeting Room, AICS, Aizawl-ah neih a ni a. He Meeing-ah hian Rev. Dr. H. Lalthlamuana, Assistant Professor, AICS chu Associate Professor atan hlankai remtih a ni.Continue reading

R&D-in Community Health Awareness neihpui

October 12, Inrinni khan Relief & Development chuan community health awareness campaign Serte bialah anneih pui,he Programme hi zing dar 10:30 -ah tanin Pi Zonunsangi Project Incharge in a kai hruai a, Continue reading

2020 Sunday School Zirlaibu chhu zo

Chritian Education Department Comtt. Meeting

Mizoram Baptist Kohhran, Christian Education Department Committee chu vawiin, October 11,2019 chawhma dar 10:30 khan BCM Committee Room, Serkawn-ah an thukhawm. Continue reading

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The Baptist Church of Mizoram declares its mission through its constitution that the BCM is established to be the sign, symbol, and instrument of the Kingdom of God. It shall strive for the firm establishment, realization, and extension of the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God it envisages is the Kingdom where God reigns, God’s will is done and where God’s name is praised.