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Integrated Training & Orientation on Vitamin A

Integrated Training & Orientation

Mizoram Baptist Kohhran, Relief & Development Department leh Vitamin Angels India te huaihawtin July 11, 2019 (NIngani)khan BCM, Relief & Development Department Hall, Ramzotlang, Serkawn, Lunglei ah Integrated Training & Orientation on Vitamin A and Deworming and Micro-Multi Nutrient Supplementation Program neih a ni.Continue reading

Weekend Programmes

G.S Programme:

BCM Hqrs.Office

General Secretary, Rev. F. Ramdinmawia chu nimin July 11,2019 chawhma lam khan BCM Evangelistic Team recognized thar mi 6 te Orientation a neihpui hnu-ah chawhnu lam khan Aizawl panin a chhuak leh nghal a. Vawiin, July 12 zingkarah Chief Minister nen appointment neiin BCM Assembly-in Mizoram Sorkar hnena thlen tura a rel thu pawimawh tak tak a sawipui.Continue reading

Baptist House Annex Building hawng dawn:

Single Room

Baptist House, Annex Building Aizawl, Upper Khatla-a  Guest Room sak chu luah theihin peih fel a ni ta a,  July 13, 2019 (Inrinni) khian Rev. F. Ramdinmawia, General Secretary, BCM chuan Pathian hnêna hlanna neii a hawng ang. Tuna Guest room thar hi Main Building khaw chhak lamah sak zawm a ni.Continue reading

Aizawl Area pastor’s Meet, 2019

Aizawl Area Pastors’ Meet, 2019

July 12-14,2019 chhung hian Mizoram Baptist Kohhran, Aizawl Area Pastor’s Meet 2019 chu Baptist Centre, Chanmari, Aizawl-ah neih a ni dawn a. Meet thupuiah “Pastoral Ministry” tih a ni ang. July 12, 2019 (Zirtawpni) zing dar 9:00-ah Meet hawn a ni ang a, Rev. K. Lalbiakchhawna’n kaihruaiin Rev. F. Ramdinmawia, general Secretary, BCM-in a hawng ang.Continue reading

GNM zir tur la thar leh ta

Weekend Programme


BCM Hqrs. Hruaitute Mission Sunday hmanpui tur leh hemi denchhena Mission Convention neiin tun Weekend hian an feh chhuak.

#AGS i/c Mission – Rev. Dr. C. Vanlaldika chuan Tuna Pathianni, July 7 hian Zohnuai East Kohhran-ah Mission Sunday a hmanpui ang.

Continue reading

BCM leh CCI(M) ten MoU ziak

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