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MTKP Hruaitute Shillong-ah:

August 18-20,2017 hian BCM Biak In, Madanriting,Shillong-ah Shillong Pastor Bial Inkhâwmpui vawi 39-na chu neih a ni dawn a. Speaker-ah Rev.Lianchhunga Khiangte, Organiser MTKP a ni ang. Inkhâwmpui-ah hian Upa Lalmuanawma Sailo leh Rbt. Elvis Lalthangzuala ten paper an present ang a. Lawngtlai East Pastor Bial Zaipâwl ten zaia rawngbâwlna an nei bawk ang.Continue reading

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Missionary 8 tirchhuak dawn

Missionary Tirhchhuah tur te

Mizoram Baptist Kohhran chuan Tunkar Pathianni, August 20, 2017 Chawhma dar 10:00 hian BCM Biak In, Bazarveng, Lunglei-ah Missionary thar pariat a tirchhuak leh dawn ta a. Missionary Tirchhuah Inkhawm hi Rev. KV Thanga, FOD & Worship &Music Director-in a kaihruai ang a, Rev. Dr. C. Vanlaldika, AGS i/c Mission-in thuchah sawiin, Rev. B. Lalrinawma, Mission Coordinator-in a tir chhuak ang.Continue reading

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Mizoram Baptist Kohhran Assembly 2017-in Motor hlui kawl zui zel atana hlawk tawh lo te tih ral a, Motor thar lei tura a lo rel tawh angin, tunah hian Gypsy  Hard Top 1, Sumo-1, Baleno Car leh Scooty pakhat tihral a ni tawh a. Gypsy Hard Top(2005 Model, Assembly hmasa lamin tihral tura a lo tih tawh, la tih ral loh),  leh Bus (TATA-1999 Model) pakhat tih ral tur a la awm a. Heng Motor hlui te lei duh leh ngihven duh tan BCM Hqrs. Office-ah ngaihven theih a ni a, a man pawh Property lam nena in biakrem danin kalpui a ni ang.Continue reading

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Motor thar Pathian hnenah hlan

Motor thar hlan

Assembly 2017-in a lo rel tawh angin BCM Headquarters Office-a hman tur Motor thar (Scorpio) mawi tak lei fel a ni ta a. Vawiin August 11,2017 (Zirtawpni) dar 10:00 khan Pathian hnena hlanna inkhawm tawi BCM Headquarters Office kawt-ah neih a ni.  Continue reading

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Hospital Report July 2017


Christian Hospital, Serkawn

Medical Superintendent, Christian Hospital Serkawn hnen atanga kan dawn danin Christian Hospital Serkawn-ah July 2017 chhung khan OPD-ah mi 2198 inentir awmin an zinga 310 admit an ni a, nau piang 38 an awm laiin, mitthi 5 an nei thung. Report kimchang hetiang hi a ni:-

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Weekend Programme

Praise Gathering

#TKP Serkawn Unit buatsaihin Zanin, August 11, 2017(Zirtawp zan dar 7:00) hian Serkawn Biak in ah PRAISE GATHERING neih tur a ni a, a thei apiang tel turin kan sawm.. Zaithiam tak2 zai ngaihthlak tur a awm dawn bakah, Lalpa Fakna leh Chibaibukna(Praise & Worship)  hun hman a ni bawk ang.Continue reading

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  • Mission Sunday : July 2
  • TKP Day : July 30
  • Thlaithar hlan Ni : August 6
  • Mission Committee : August 23
  • Service Committee : August 24
  • Central Committee : August 25
  • Executive Comtt. : August 30-31
  • Beirual: September 1-30
  • Beirual thuzir : September 20-30
  • Bial Inkhawmpui: October 6-8
  • NEICC Prayer Day : October 15
  • ABC Inkhawmpui: October 27-29
  • Khawvel SS Ni : Nov. 5
  • BWA Womens Prayer : Nov. 6

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